Educational Literacy

Introducing the first of many bookclubs to come at The House Tuscaloosa! Join us on March 25 if recent releases and bestsellers are your pick.

The House Tuscaloosa provides free books to elementary and middle school students in the West End through the Birthday Books program in order to help increase educational literacy rates. We collaborate with school librarians to purchase and give away books that represent the interests, experiences, and lived realities of the student demographics reflected in each individual school. Books are purchased through, a non-profit organization that provides high-interest, high-quality books well below market costs. Additionally, after the students finish reading their Birthday Books, the books contain a bookmark that the student can bring to The House Tuscaloosa to trade in for a second book for free from our used bookstore.

This program is currently offered at Central Elementary, MLK Elementary, Oakdale Elementary, University Place Elementary, and Westlawn Middle School, serving around 2500 students every year since late 2020.

If you are interested in serving with the Birthday Books Program, send us an email at